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About Prajaak

Praajak, meaning ‘charioteer’ began its journey in 1997 with a commitment to secure a better present and future for children and youth living in historically disadvantaged communities, in confined custodial milieus and those who find themselves surviving on their own.

Praajak has consistently worked to address gender inequalities and challenged traditional notions of masculinity and patriarchy which have led to a growing body of work with boys and young men and supporting them in playing their part in creating a gender equitable society.



Praajak has 202 collective groups across different districts of West Bengal.


Praajak has 600 individual volunteer members who have supported and continue supporting different initiatives in different capacities.

Children & Youth

Praajak has worked with 4,586 children and youth in the age range of 10-18 years.


Praajak has 36 individual members who work directly with children and other stakeholders. These members work as consultants and receive monthly payments against specific deliverables.

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